We provide a very strong and highly qualified sales coverage for a wide spectrum of products that can be classified in the measurements and/or industrial process control systems categories.


We can provide experienced manpower for the following:
- Pre-commissioning and loop checking.
- Start-up commissioning.
- Supervision of instrumentation installation and calibration. These services are provided for mechanical, pneumatic and/or electronic measurement process control systems using the IIS' portable array of instruments and if the need arises, the well equipped service and calibration laboratory and workshop in the 10th of Ramadan city


The maintenance and repair of process and control instruments is carried out on either the customer's site or in our service centre..


Most of the instruments should be checked periodically to verify their accuracy figures and to be re-calibrated if accuracy figures are out of tolerance, therefore, the IIS is providing check-out and re-calibration services using the most accurate equipment and means. Calibration is essential to bring the recently repaired instruments to their original specifications.
Computerized calibration reports are generated and calibration certificates can be issued upon request.


We cooperate with our customers during many phases of the projects' planning and/or implementation. Our consultation services are used to design the most suitable P&I diagrams, define the applicable standards and calculate the optimum figures related to the instrumentation and process control equipment. We provide unbiased reviews of the suppliers' products.


The educational services of the IIS concentrate on courses related to the different aspects of instrumentation, control systems, plus a few support courses in electronics and computing which are strongly tied into instrumentation.
These courses can be arranged on-site using the customer's classroom, or by contacting the IIS training centre in the 10th of Ramadan city, near Cairo.


To meet the current measurements and high process control customers' requirements must take into consideration the available state of the art techniques and facilities. It has become clear that a special approach similar to what is done in the computer and information systems industry should be followed. We are providing this service through procurement of the needed instruments, controllers, computers, software, interfaces, actuators and peripherals etc. on behalf of our customers. We also use our other diversified capabilities to support these systems.

The main tasks of this department are:

1- Consultations to solve problems relevant to the applications of the measurements and process control products.

2- Integration of products supplied by different measurements and process control manufacturers to build turn-key systems. Installation of these systems is carried out either by the IIS or by the customer under the supervision of the IIS.

3- Feasibility studies relevant to revamping or upgrading instrumentation and process control systems.

4- Measurements and process control projects' management, utilizing the latest available computer software techniques and documentation processing.