Process Calibrator

ADT 222A Multifunction Process Calibrator

- Sourcing, simulating and measuring temperature and electrical signals
  Sources and measures mV, mA, ohms, RTDs, thermocouples, frequency, and pulses
  Simulates and measures 13 thermocouples and 11 RTDs to calibrate transmitters
  Measures and sources pressure using 160 series Intelligent Digital Pressure Modules from -15 psi to 10,000 psi (-1 bar to 700 bar)
  24V loop power supply
  Simultaneous dual reading capability
  Automatic switch test
  Supports square root transmitter
  Pulse frequency output for the calibration of flow totalizer
- Easy to use
  Smartphone-like menu and interface make the operation simpler and easier
  Ultra-compact, size 3.9 inch x 7.6 inch x 2.0 inch (100mm x 192mm x 52mm), and weight 1.6 lb (0.7 kg)
  One hand operation
- Calibrated cold junction compensation (Patented)
  Cold junction equivalent block in the calibrator
  A calibrated PRT element with flexible leads is installed in the equivalent block for thermocouple cold junction compensation
  This PRT element can be pulled out from the calibrator and re-calibrated and corrected at ice point by users
- Built-in temperature readout
  CVD coefficients of a calibrated PRT can be input into the calibrator for accurate temperature measurement. 
- Multi lingual interface
  English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese
    (Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Russian are available per request)