Environmental test rooms

Environmental Test Rooms

-In our environmental test rooms  Home appliances testing is performed (refrigerators ,heaters, washing machines ,air conditioners )

-The tests are performed in very stressful conditions of temperature and relative humidity which can be set in the range from 0-55C for temperatrure, and relative humidity to comply with the test standards conditions (ISO,IEC , Etc) and all the international test standards.
Refrigirators Test Rooms , Waching Machines Test Rooms

Test and calibration benches

Test and Calibration Benches

- The benches are custom made to provide testing facilities as to the customers specs

- The benches have  pneumatic and electronic capabilities in separate sections

- The benches can be provided with high accuracy equipment for pressure and temperature calibration

- Electronic Bench
- Pneumatic Analogue Bench
- Pneumatic Digital Bench
Safety Valve Testers

Safety Valve Testers

Used to test and tune saftey valves  or compennets used in hifgh pressure systems

The system generates pressure up yto 450 Bars or more using an air source of 10 Bars

The units under test are connected to the tester using a hydraulic suspension system

Inner volume

Inner Volume Instrument

*An instrument designed specifically for Quality control to accurately measure the inner volume of condensers in the refrigeration industry

* performs leakage tests to sort out the components that do not comply with the specified inner volume standard and determine its Error percentage

 * the device is fully automatic

Data logging system

Data Logging Systems

* Data acquisition systems for collection and storing data from the field

* Providing all the necessary sensors for measurements and collecting the sensor data and sending them via Data acquisition Systems for storing, printing, data analysis

*  the Data acquisition Systems can be custom made to the customers needs in terms of the types of measurements needed and the no of points

PortableMeasurment & Calibration

PortableMeasurment & Calibration

* Portable low cost calibrators for calibrating temperature and pressure with high accuracy and easy to use

* the instruments operation and programming is done from the front panel with no need for any additional software or hardware

Themrostat tester

Themrostat Tester

* tests a large number of thermostats to determine the errors in their operation and generates a Pass/Fail report to prevent unsuitable units from going into the production line

* can test units starting from 32 , 64 and their multiples at the same time

* comes with a temperature digital indicator with Accuracy 0.01 C

* testing time 30 Minutes Approx.

* Fully automatic operation

Industrial control systems

Industrial Control Systems

Our industrial control systems are used to control the operation of any industrial process such as temperature control , speed control , Cascaded control Etc.

Capillary tube & Nozzle Gas mass flow meter

Capillary Tube & Nozzle Gas Mass Flow Meter

Range: 0-5 SLPM (Standard Liter per minute) , 0-10 SLPM (other ranges available upon request) Test Pressure: 0-10 psi , 0-75 psi , 0-150 psi The mass flow rate is the volumetric flow rate corrected to a standard temperature and pressure (typically 14.696 psi Abs and 25C)

The unit measures:
• Test pressure Absolute
• Back pressure at test point gauge or absolute
• Gas temperature
• Volumetric flow,
• Mass flow

Computer interface & operation software
Accuracy: 0.8 % of reading
Test Gas: air or nitrogen (other gases available upon request)
Operating Voltage: 220 VAC , 50 Hz
Supply pressure : 15 Bar Max.
Max. working pressure : 10 Bar

Digital weighing systems & Programmable digital indicators

Weighing Systems & Programmable Digital Indicators

- Programmable Digital Indicators

- Digital Weighing System

Pressure Calibration System
pressure calibration system

Pressure Calibration System

* Ranges up to 1000 Bar and more.

* Works on normal water.

* Very stable output pressure.

* Not affected by limited leakage in the outlet.

a special system can be supplied to magnify compressed air in 10 Bar operating pressure to achieve 1000 Bar.