The Additel corporation's products consist of an extensive line of precision pressure instruments, including digital pressure gauges, digital pressure calibrators, automatic pressure controllers, multifunctional calibrators and temperature calibrators, Pressure Test Pumps ,Dry well Calibrators . All of these products feature computer interface capabilities. These products are used in metrology labs, calibration labs, research facilities, engineering offices, production test stands, and in other environments where high accuracy pressure measurement control is required. Many of these products include customized features to meet our customers specific requirements. Downlaod the full catalgoue Download Full Catalogue Here

Behlman electronics
Behlman was founded over fifty years ago as a engineering, manufacturing and consulting firm for power products. Over the past fifty plus years Behlman has grown to become a world class provider of the highest quality Standard, Modified Standard, Custom and COTS AC Power Sources, Frequency Converters, Inverters, DC-DC, AC-DC, DC-AC, and Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS) for commercial, industrial and military mission-critical applications. We have a proven ability to solve any power requirement, and we support our products with personal service that exceeds even your highest expectations.
Behlman's expertise includes a diverse line of products, to meet the needs of production test (ATE); aerospace and avionics; gas and oil exploration; railroad; utility/telecom, and more. Our MIL-Standards compliant products support ground based, mobile, shipboard and airborne systems in some of the most extreme environments worldwide.
Behlman's goal is to ensure Total Customer Satisfaction by providing our customers with the best available equipment and service so they will recognize Behlman as the source for power.
Rice Lake Weighing Systems, an ISO 9001-registered company, has been the leader in the industrial scale and process-control weighing industry for 60 years. We design, manufacture, and distribute equipment through a worldwide network of independent scale distributors, and offer over 20,000 products —the largest selection of quality weighing products available—and the best customer service in the business.
Precision Digital is dedicated to introducing new products to help our customers monitor and control their important processes. We are very interested in hearing what our customers have to say about our existing products or products they think we should develop.

Litre Meter specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of products for the measurement and control of fluid flow. We offer a wide variety of flowmeters and a type selection guide is detailed on the left hand buttons. Our experienced engineering staff are pleased to offer meter selections to meet all requirements. We take pride in our manufacturing expertise and high quality control standards. Litre Meter has established a reputation over 30 years for fast response and excellent delivery.

  • Temperature Sensor Assemblies – Thermocouple & RTD including ATEX Approval
  • Thermowells in all materials
  • Temperature Transmitters - ATEX approved
  • Multi-point Temperature Assemblies
  • Flow Measurement
  • Orifice Plates
  • Flow Metering Sections
  • Pitot Tube
We are a sales and service distributor for process control instruments such as transmitters, gas analyzers, calibrators, switches, recorders, controllers, flowmeters, thermocouples, indicators, test & measurement devices.